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      Should be picking up my 6br this weekend and just wondering what bullet everyone is shooting in theirs? My barrel is a Broughton 1000 yard F-Class contour 1 in 8 twist and Britt is putting the radial brake on this barrel and my 308 barrel to complete my switch barrel bench gun. I’m hoping these brakes will help take some pressure off my neck and right elbow if it works I will be having the same break put on my F-Class rifle only to shoot it in bench rest matches and spin it off for the 600 yard prone.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Berger 105 hybrid, 30.3 grains of varget and BR-4 primers in lapua brass. Don’t waste your time and money on anything else 🙂

      Some others use Berger 105 hunting/target vld. Sierra 107s are a decent option, but the bergers can be caught on sale for $150 for 500 box.

      If you want some high end bullets that you wont have to worry about consistency with you can call james Eazor.
      He makes 106 grain EPS bullets that have amazing reviews.

      The last one is a 103 grain Vapor Trail. Hand made in a single stage press @ 55 cents a bullet they are affordable. Call Tom Jacobs and get on the waiting list! 660-748-8111

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      james eazors number is 814-590-4383

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      The 6br made it home today should be running it in a few weeks……

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      Here it is almost ready for some wins……Switch barrel 6br and 308win……

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      Al Barr

      Mighty nice looking rifle!

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      Thanks Mr. Al….. All of us at Reese Bottom hope you are doing well and looking for your return to Reese Bottom……

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      Dave Burkart

      Very nice looking rifle, if Britt made it I have no doubt it will be a shooter…


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