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      Well the doctor gave me the OK to start back shooting so I got the 6br out yesterday, Chase and I got to test some loads and get some well needed trigger time.

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      I’m liking this 6br but my other two 308 barrels are shipping on Monday for my FTR build to be chambered with the .308 Winchester F-TR (F-Class Target Rifle) (2017 USA Team Reamer) to shoot the 185 and 200.20X Berger Bullets. Britt Jones ordered the reamer to do my chambers and the reamer will be my personal reamer to keep for future builds.

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      Richard Slaton

      Great looking gun can’t wait to see it in action! I’ve been doing some research on the 6Br and Brx lot of people seam to like Varget and CCI 450’s to fuel these baby with most all bullets

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      Richard I tried the 450 mag primer and mine did not like it as well as the BR2 with Varger but I’ll try them again later if I start running low on the BR2. I also tried the Norma brass with no luck my rifle seems to like the Lapua brass, Varget powder and the BR2 primer it’s shooting a very small group at 200 with a 105 running at 2830. That may not be a 1000 yard gun at that speed but should do just fine at Reese Bottom.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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