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      I have to make one more match at Reese Bottom this year to give me 4 years in a row without missing a match. I will have to say I have done a lot of work trying to keep my ammo loaded to shoot three matches a month at Reese Bottom, Gabriel Creek and Bar3 and having more fun than I ever dream possible. I think we all should try out some new places to shoot not just to shoot but each time I shoot at some where new I learn different things to help me as a shooter and it has paid off. I have learn a lot just watching people like Steve Gilley, Richard Allen, Brett Collings, Mr. Wynne and so many other shooters way to many to list. Everyone knows I do get a little nosey I try to ask people how they do this and that, what bullets, powder, primers, brass and even their reloading set up what type of equipment they have press and dies. I guess you could say I’m just a little nosey and some times it pays off.

      I know Mr. Wynne has ask people to get on the forum and just share where you have been shooting at different places, tell how well you shot the match good or bad. We all have our good days and bad days shooting but if we shoot more the bad days will fade away. I challenge all the shooters to get this forum started in a big way and give the other shooters something to read and comment on. If you post I will read and comment and hopefully we all will learn something from the post. With that said lets get it going to where we all can become better at shooting the small groups in the 10 and X ring. People share what works for you as a shooter to try to help all us others as well.

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      Surrell, I have been shooting the 7mm Shehane and really enjoy it, about to rechamber my 6×47 to shoot 115 and building another FOPEN shehane also, need to build a .308 next maybe lol. Enjoy reading your posts. As always aim small miss small😄

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, you are ‘boss’. You won my respect the month that it meant enough for you to be at Reese Bottom that you got off the operating table and were at the match a couple of days later. That is devotion to our sport that is above the norm. Thanks for your support of the matches at Reese Bottom, bringing the radios each month, providing targets when I miscount, being the first to arrive each month to get things going, but most of all your support of the forums. I really enjoy keeping up with your shooting through the forum and I am so proud of the giant steps forward that you have made with your shooting. Not sure that you realize how much your good shooting is pushing other shooters in the
      f-t-r shooting to get better. And then you go and get Britt to build a 6mmBR. Anyway, thanks for all you do. WWE

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