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      Has anyone looks at the results from Saturday and compared the groups? It looks like there were some shooters shooting very good at 200, 300 and 500 yards but the 400 yard groups opened up a bit. Why is this? It makes me wonder what happen at 400 and some shooters shot low at 500 yards on paper but shot very good groups. I’m thinking at 500 with the sighter plates at the bottom of the backer board and 500 being on a incline it’s causing some groups to shoot low on the target. It’s funny to me shooting a heavy slow bullet at 500 centered on plates and then low on paper, but when I shoot a lighter faster bullets it’s more centered on the paper. Just me thinking about how a little incline will change your Point of impact on the target.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, funny you mention this. Dan and I actually talked about the same thing Sunday after church. My groups were low at 400 and 500 and really hurt me in the overall. There is roughly a 20′ rise from the benches to the 500 yard target but I have never tested to see if it makes any difference in point of aim and point of impact. Maybe that is something that we can test sometime. Looking back to Saturday, I shot on 15 power and with my little pea shooter, I had a hard time seeing the splatter. Next time I plan to dial up in order to see better. I also think that more attention should be given to determining the center of the splatter. A bullet hole in paper is way smaller than the splatter. For you big bullet guys esp., the distance between center and outside of splatter could easily take you out of the 10 ring. Good shooter Tony G. asked me about this a couple of years ago. Other suggestions are welcomed here. WWE

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