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      Looks like Chase Morgan and I are going to the Bar 3 to shoot the match on the 10th. I was wondering if any one else was planning on shooting this match?

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      Al Barr

      Surrell we’re back in Texas for our annual sick bay commando raid. My wife schedules all our doctors appointments (hopefully) in one block.

      That said, I won’t be able to make the 1000 yard match.

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      Al I sure wish you could make the match but sounds like you have more important things to get taken of maybe next. Hope every thing turns out good at the doctor appointments.

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      Chase and I had a great time at Bar 3 shooting a 1000 yard F-Class today. I was just hoping we both could hit paper with our first shot fired and yes we did, it was so much fun and the wind was eating up my 155 Palma bullet Chase shot my FTR 308 shooting the Berger Hybrid Target 185 and shot a good score seeing how it was his first 1000 yard F-class. It was worth all the time we put in driving to and from Bar 3.

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      Wynne Echols

      Glad to hear that you two had a successful trip. Please tell us a little more about the 1000 yard experience. WWE

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