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      Well we shot at Bar3 on Saturday another 1000 Yard F-Class, my first time shooting the new targets and had a hard time in the first relay shooting 180 and o x’s. The next relay I starting off not so good but after the 20 scoring shots ended I had shot better than the first and after the third relay I ended up shooting much better but over all not good enough to place. Chase had a pretty good day, shooting his way to second place I have got to say I was proud of him on his win. Looking at the conditions we were shooting in no shooter I don’t think shot their highest score, it was a hard day shooting for us all. I shot my last match yesterday before I’m having surgery so over all I had a good day and looking forward to all this neck pain to get better or be totally gone. I’m going to try my best to be at Reese Bottom this month to watch everyone shoot and hope to be shooting the next match at Reese Bottom with my br. Chase has agreed to be my personal driver if I’m able so I’ll see how it all works out this time around.

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      Yes Chase did really well. I am very proud of him! The electronic targets are cool, but they take a little getting used to. It was only my second time shooting 1000 yards and I did better than I did last time, but still not a great score.

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      Al Barr

      Chase and Lauren, you folks keep after this game. Determination, practice, and experience will make you succeed.

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      I agree Mr. Al they are made for the shooting sport all they have to do is keep on getting better, it seems like each time they shoot they only get better. Laruen after watching Chase shoot at Reese Bottom yesterday I found one of his problems and we talked about it on the way home, so now all we have to do is get it worked out and he will only get better.

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