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      Another fun day in Mississippi shooting the 1000 yard F-Class that wind was a killer, I’m just happy I had time to get the 185 Berger’s shooting in my bench gun before the match. It was good to see Mr. Al Barr and Buddy Webb and Sam shooting, Chase and Lauren rode with me and Lauren got to shoot her first 1000 yard match and loved it with 3 X’s and can’t remember her score but is was over 500. I shot a 526 with 5 X’s and if I had watched the wind I would have shot a little better all in all it was fun and just happy we got to shoot.

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      Al Barr

      That wind was a good experience. Reese bottom was well represented by good shooters, who held their own against other good shooters.

      Wait! Is that mirage going left to right, right to left, no, straight up, no wait…….BOOM! Dang! Another 9. Good side was that every once in a while the wind would blow one into the the X or 10 ring and I would take credit for it.

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