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Dave Gardner

I also use the wet tumbler to clean my cases I am shooting a dasher at 1000 yd from williamsport I also polish the inside of my necks. I have read a lot about cleaning from the short range benchrest shooter. Heck they don’t even weigh there powder on a scale most of the time. So do I do as the short range shooters do or the mid ranges guys. Here is what I do every time clean the cases, polish the inside of the necks anneal every time then check the neck thickness and length every time so they look like new cases. Primer pocket cleaned and flash hole size checked again. I mark my match cases with a small knotch in the rim of the case to mark them . I do lube the bullet lightly before seating it. So all the bullets seat the same. And when done loading the cases, weigh them again, should all weigh the same. you weigh the cases, bullets, primers, and powder so they should all weight the same when if not ????? Why. Al these steps are important , maybe one step is not. But which step is it. So I do them all every time. I test theory’s all the time to determine if they are fact or fiction, I retired and shoot almost every day trying to find the perfect set up. So for sure I can tell you this, bullets make all the difference.570 916 9095. My number if you want to discuss my thoughts.