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I have a stainless tumbling setup, and it does make brass look like new inside and out, and it will peen the heck out of the mouths of your cases if you allow the brass to remain in the tumbler too long. I usually don’t go over 45 minutes. Also, it will take all the carbon out of the case which I don’t think is the best way to go. I like to leave the carbon in the neck, so consequently I don’t clean with the pins very often. I do like to anneal the cases often, but it concerns me if this removes the carbon out of the necks also.

So, I have a question: Do any of you guys have experience with the use of graphite or some other substance to lubricate the inside of necks in order to get an even bullet seating force? I have had seating forces differ from case to case in a common lot of cases by as much as three times the force required from one case to another. I’d love to be able to totally clean my cases every time, anneal and then lube the necks in some fashion, if this would give even seating force.