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After talking with Wynne today I have some ideas of areas for improvements in my reloading. Things that I didn’t know. As I am new to this, I still have a lot to learn and I appreciate everyone’s input. If there are any of you out there that may be a little timid about the competition shooting for lack of knowledge, I encourage you not to let that stop you. I have no problem admitting I am clueless about a lot of the reloading and precision adjustment that can be made to improve my shooting, but I certainly plan to learn. There are so many guys at Reese Bottom that have taken time to offer suggestions and help to get me pointed in the right direction and to all of you I am thankful. If there is anyone out there reading this that has an interest in shooting I encourage you to speak up. There are plenty of people willing to help get you started. I once heard,” the only dumb question is the question you don’t ask” this new sport has me addicted. It is truly amazing how far you can come in a short amount of time with good information. So, come shoot with us, we can learn together.
To Britt,
I did remember to adjust the parallax,but the shots were on 2 different days. No mirage, but maybe conditions were just different enough. I plan to try again soon.