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Doug Pugh

I have recently changed my cleaning routine. I now use kroil after ever shooting session and after 200 or so rounds I use kroil and jb bore paste to get any built up carbon out of the throat area. I tried this method on a hunting rifle of mine before I used it on a match barrel and it worked well and seemed to bring back a little bit of the accuracy on a fairly old factory barrel. The only thing I have to remember is to let the kroil sit for a few minutes to get under the crude in the barrel so it cleans out easily. This may not be the best method to clean with but it seems to be working so far for me. I also use sweets for copper fouling but I only use that on the break in of a new barrel because I have not noticed any copper build up after 300 to 400 rounds and cleaning with sweets through any of the fine barrels that Britt has chambered for me. Britt does do a fine job with the chambering and I thinks this helps a lot in the cleaning process to make it as painless as possible to do when it comes to copper fouling on the initial break in process. Maybe I haven’t made anyone gringe with my method and if someone knows a better way I’m all ears.