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Wynne Echols

Here is what I have noticed over the last let’s say three years or so that I have been involved with competitive shooting. Winning group sizes have shrunk by a huge percentage. This can be attributed to lots of things: better components, better gunsmithing, better reloading, better shooters, you get the idea. But the fact is that the winning groups are getting smaller. Fact is that if the 10 shot, 1000 yard group, recently shot in Montana is certified by the IBS, that group will shrink the record by 20 + %. Reloading that has worked for years will still work, but as the group sizes get smaller and smaller I believe the shooter must unlock all of the variables to stay competitive. Reloading is time consuming and granted some shooters have more time than others to spend reloading so I will agree that maybe certain parts of the process are more beneficial than others. Should a reloader weight his cases and not his primers, or weigh his bullets and not his primers, or bump the shoulder and not weigh primers, or triple weigh his charge and not weigh his primers. Who’s to say, I sure do not have the answer. If a shooter shows up at Reese Bottom and shoots 4 in a knot at 200 + flyer, same at 300, 400 ,and 500, what is the shooter to blame his lack of success on?