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Wynne, I do believe that your reloads need to be as “Consistent” as is possible, yet I do Not weight primers so where is the logic in that? I believe that as Britt mentioned and as important as it is to “Change” only one thing at a time, that maybe primers would be in there somewhere. I am not saying not to weigh them, just that I am not going to weigh them.

Now if I had a load that was not doing what I think it should be doing, or was not up to standard and thought I needed to play around with that load some I guess that at some point I might give that a try. Right now my 6.5X47L is doing everything I could ever ask for a load and rifle to do. It is shooting groups (aggregate’s) when I do my part of sub 1″ at 600 yds. I have shot 7 groups of less than 1″ in competition. Matter of fact if you remember you were there one day when I did this. We were shooting at Hoover and I shot a group that measured .860 or .870 or so, and then you “Mr. Wynne Echols” jumped up on the last relay and beat that group by something like .009 and this was shot at 540 yds or what ever that range is. I do not remember the exact group size that either of us shot but I am sure you will, all I remember is your’s was smaller. This same load and rifle has also shot cleans in F-Class 6 times, two at 1,000 yds and 4 at 600 yds. I don’t think the weight of the primers is going to make it shoot any better. The only thing holding it back now is me. The nut behind the butt always needs more work than a good load.