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Wynne Echols

Here’s my take. I do not believe that a ‘shooter rifle’ would ever drift a bullet ‘into’ the wind. 100% of the time the cause would have to be shooter’s responsibility. A proper wind zero, if you dope the wind, a proper wind read and shooting all record bullets within that same condition, rifle cant, consistent point of aim are factors that could come into play. It has been mentioned in my presence that if a shooter looks at their record target, if the group is up and down, probably a load issue, but if the group is left to right, it is related to something the shooter did or did not do. Something else to think about. The method of shooting sight in shots used at Reese Bottom, plates, is a relatively slow process as compared to some other places that I have shot(probably need to work of this one) That being said, the condition that you sight in on could easily change before a shooter completes or even begins their record fire.