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Wynne Echols

Gunny, Thanks, this is good stuff and I sure hope that others will offer up debate. “when to pull the trigger”? Looking back, I have put very little effort into becoming a knowledgeable shooter. You mentioned 100’s of hours…I am ashamed to offer up a number, but it would be a single digit I am for sure. If I have an observation of what takes place at Reese Bottom it is, myself included, that we are simply shooters and maybe not knowledgeable, good marksmen. In other words, I show up, participate, but have no real understanding of why I did what I did, or why what I did did what it did. I think what I am trying to say is that a shooter cannot continually aim at the X ring and always hit in the X ring and our ultimate goal should be to learn what adjustments are needed to shoot all X’s. There is a huge difference between trying to get 20 on the target as to having 20 X’s. Thanks again Gunny for sharing your experiences and I hope others will step forward with comments and questions. WWE