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Milton, Not argument that I can see, and as a matter of fact I was hoping to get a lively debate going that’s good for everyone. Milton I disagree a lot with your statement about 100 and 200 yd shooting and the wind having a lessor effect. If you ever ( and maybe you already have) attended a point blank Benchrest Match, they are shot mostly at 100 yds but it is a 100 and 200 yd game. You would have seen “every” shooter putting out there own personal windflags. It is almost comical to watch them doing this, some will even use a laser mounted to there rest to be sure they are perfectly aligned rifle to target. All of these shooters will put out a minimum of 4 per 100 yds and many of them will use 6 or 8. I am going to try and find a picture of this, if I do I will add it to this post. There are so many damn flags that sometimes you can’t even see the grass. They are not doing this for there health, and I have found that the most important wind is the wind at the muzzle of the rifle. Now don’t misunderstand me here I am “NOT” saying that it is the only important wind, just that it is very important.

If you take a moment and reflect on that I think common logic will lead any shooter to the same conclusion. Were on the course does the wind have the most time to effect the bullet? If you are judging your shots on the farthest wind flag, and that would be at the target line you are way behind the curve. By the time the bullet gets there it is at the target and it is all over for that shot. The wind effects the bullet the most when it is at the firing line as it has more time on the bullet to make an effect. It also only has to move the bullet a very, very small amount as this is were the bullet is the farthest from the target any amount of movement here no matter how small will be dramatically bigger after the bullet has traveled the 600 yds to the target, and was blown off course even a tiny bit. That lets say .001 deflextion at the muzzle can turn into inch’s after 600 yds.

Now granted this is were the bullet is moving it’s fastest and is the point were it is “LESS” susceptible to the wind, but any movement here in the flight of the bullet is magnified many times because the bullet at that point still has so far to travel.

Got a few more thoughts and want to address Wynne so I will do that in another post.