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Wynne Echols

Gunny, I read your post a couple of hours ago and have decided to respond. First of all, a fairy told me that you had a mishap on your way to Reese Bottom last Saturday. Sorry that your were sidetracked and I wish you a full, speedy recovery. One would expect a Marine to come to the aid of another. Thanks for who you are. Okay, this is good stuff and I want more. A poster earlier stated that everyone needs a mentor so here is your chance. For approx. three years now I have been secretly listening to most everything you have been saying during the matches and have come to respect your knowledge of what we are trying to do. You made reference above of “know when to pull the trigger”. I will be the first to admit that I do not know the answer so I have a question. Situation: Reese Bottom, 1:00 pm, 500 yard target, winds gusting from north, mirage right to left, not severe but steady, windsock at benches is limp, 3X5 flag at 260 yards barely moving from the north, and the bottom of the 3X5 flag at 440 yards is constantly changing from 45* to 80* from the north. Question: what tells me when to pull the trigger? This is inside of a Gunny post but I would like to hear from many of you.
ps. Also, that fellow from Backwater Custom Rifles that pulled all of the targets last Saturday mentioned to me later that the wind was blowing so hard at the 500 yard targets that he had to put extra staples on the right side of all of the targets to keep them from ripping off of the backer. Being on the firing line all day, I never heard a shooter mention concern for how hard the wind was blowing. Do we just not notice or do we not understand the importance of knowing what to look for. Sorry for the length. WWE

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