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Ron Lewis

New Shooter Advice:

I certainly will be the first one to say that I continue to learn something new at almost every match. I’m still having a lot of fun shooting and is pretty much the only hobby that I work to improve upon on an ongoing basis. I shot my first rifle match in Nov 1977 at the Police range below the dam at Lake Tuscaloosa. I remember it just like yesterday I was shooting an old Winchester Model 60. Managed to win a small trophy and a gift certificate for a Turkey from Bruno’s Supermarket. The guy with me, Forrest Wiggins won the match by a couple points shooting a Ruger 10-22.  We were the two youngest shooters at the match shooting against a host of veteran shooters. Most of the guys  laughed at us before the match because the match director had to call our mama’s to give us permissions to shoot the match, since we were under age 18. We had rifles that were not target grade. We were shooting our squirrel rifles, only choice we had. All we needed and we did not know an better. At that time I had never seen a target rifle certainly could not have bought one on my $1.65 per hour wage. They stopped laughing when Forrest and I both shot prefect scores in the first stage at 25 yards.

With that said: Here’s are some  important things a new shooter should consider.

1. Find someone more knowledgeable that you to teach you the basics ( A Mentor)

2. Ask questions and pay attention

3. Don’t take the match too seriously, don’t worry about the score or where you place. Your goal is to get better every match.

4. Practice every week if at all possible and keep your targets.

5. Always use wind flags when you are practicing

6. Practice on windy days

7. Buy a good scope with target turrets, don’t waste a penny on anything less that top quality optics

8. Get a good rifle rest and rear bag

9. Be patience, shooting is a developed skill, there is no such thing as a natural

10. When success arrives, and it will come to those who practice, remember to stay humble, give back a little to the sport and thank your match director for neglecting his shooting to make it possible for you to excel in your chosen sport.