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Wynne, I think you are just being modest as to what you know and don’t know, that’s good though you are a modest kinda guy. As to the new shooter there is one thing about the bottom shoot that I personally like a lot. That is one shooter helping another, can not remember the last time someone wasn’t there insisting to help load or unload my truck. It wouldn’t matter I am sure if I wanted to do it myself they are going to help and that’s that tune. I have also seen Wynne and Britt both offer to let others shoot there rifles if they want to. Man what a great way to get “New” people involved. Last time I did that was, I made that offer to Dick Richards and he took my Dasher and won the match.

I remember meeting Dick the first time he came down. He was a guy who just wanted to get back into shooting after years away. He came down and watched that first day I believe. Look at him now, he has had not one but two match Rifles built and is up and shooting with anyone who wants to.


I sincerely hope that some new shooter will find this web-site, read a little about it and come over one Saturday and spend a big part of the day just having fun. The biggest thing any of us can do is let them know that they are welcome and we all want them to come and shoot.