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Well that sounds like a little Rifle shooting philosophy, I like talking philosophy so lets see were this one goes.

Wynne we actually know that you already have the answers to this question so I guess you are asking it in the third person or in a rhetorical way as a means of aiding the new shooter. I am sure there are many guys who would like to come and shoot, but just don’t have a clue as to how to get started. I mean for a lot of folks there are stumbling blocks in the way. They really want to do this but sure don’t want to be embarrassed by what they don’t know.

The Reese Bottoms shoot is unique in a lot of ways in the fact it is in reality just a bunch of good ole country boys getting together for a fun time shooting at stuff. There is no real pressure there. So what does a feller need to know and bring. He needs a rifle and load to shoot out to 600 yards, he also needs to have the desire to want to do this and be able to listen and ask questions and not let his damn ego get in the way.

There are plenty of people there who will be “MORE” than happy to answer those questions and guide him in the right direction, sometimes he may even get real lucky and get a correct answer every once in a while. Other than that he just needs to SHOW UP…