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Wynne Echols

A quick update. We are looking at approx. a dozen or so shooters. I have been contacted by three different groups of first time guest. Will be great to see new faces at Reese Bottom. It has misted here all day and more forecast for tomorrow. Saturday is forecast to be okay with a little wind from the north. I think we have a car or two coming so please let them have the rocks, it will be wet. I will have a few drinks and a little something for lunch. Let’s plan to get started around 9:00 am and if your are a little late that is okay. We have done this before so let’s plan to shoot one at the time and everybody else watch or maybe some be setting up. I also plan to put up a target at 100 yards and bring the Labradar just in case. Please plan to share the range but come planning to shoot all you want. Safe travels in, and see you Saturday morning. WWE

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