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Richard Slaton

I’ve read that bench rest shooters can be some of the most anal people in any sport. And some’s goal is to be the most anal at the range they would rather out anal someone as to out shoot them. Now I believe in crossing my “t’s” and dot my “I’s” and have been called a belt and suspender kinda guy. I’m more of an if it feels good do it loader/shooter than trying to win Mr. Anal of the year award. My view and approach to reloading / shooter is different than most and I’m not the one in the winner’s circle each and every month so I’m not the one to answer Scott’s question I’m just giving my view take with a grain of salt. I’ve shot Contenders for over 40+ years bought/sold and traded barrels one thing I learn not all barrels are ”shooters” don’t waste your time and components trying to make them one. Send them to a new home. And don’t wear out a ½ MOA barrel trying to make it a ¼ MOA barrel with a ½ MOA shooter pulling the trigger.
“What’s good enough?” to me it’s a load/ combination that I have confidence in and that confidence is built not in one range trip but multiple range trips and matches. During the “load development” if I adjust 1/10 of a grain or the jump .001 whether it really helps or not if in my mind it does that’s what I’m going with. I’m a firm believer that Mental/confidence is 90% of this game.
When I’m done, am I done? Nope. Thing’s change different lot of powder, different batch of bullets. do I have a different load for every 5 degrees of temp change nope I’m not that anal. I normally have a it’s cold and an it’s hot load. Do I weigh primers? Nope I’m not that anal. Do I sort bullets? Somewhat for 1K shooting. Do I try to improve by all means do I strive for perfection, nope I’m not that anal. I do keep track of data I’ve years of Excel files with shooting data I’m probably anal about this
Mr. Wynne ask us to come to the match ready to compete. I try to put 100% effort in to doing that I am that anal.
Scott asks” what’s good enough” in reference to your load I’m taking a step farther When “I” show up on match day is what “I” bring to the table “good enough to compete”!! meaning
1.Is my gun, scope, load “good enough to compete”
2. Is my scope dope “good enough to compete” (if Mr. Wynne ask me to hit a plate from 100 yards to 1K could I dial it in with out someone having to show me how and hit that plate)
3 Is my mental preparation “Good enough to Compete”
On match day If the true answer to these 3 is yes then I’m loading my stuff and heading that way with the mindset that not only I’m I good enough to compete but good enough to win!
If those 3 things are “good enough to compete” Hopefully the match will not have to be delayed because of me and I won’t be the reason Mr. Wynne’s Blood pressure is at boiling point
I’m in the process of breaking in a new 6 BrX barrel and should take delivery of a new 223 barrel this month. I’ve got a couple months to get them “good enough to compete”