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Wynne Echols

Thanks for posting Richard. If I had a match report it would all revolve around the third relay. As everyone knows, the .223 is built on a Remington action and some how I must have bumped the safety. When I pulled the trigger on shot eighteen the rifle did not fire. I noticed the safety appeared back a little and when I pushed it forward the rifle fired and I looked at the tablet screen and noticed that the shot registered. Turned out to be a 4 o’clock 8. Never had that to happen before. I had a couple of observations that I wanted to mention and see if anyone else noticed anything similar. The third relay was the only relay that I noticed much mirage. I did not have a barrel shield and was wondering if that was the problem or if the mirage was at the target. My shooting seems to suffer dealing with mirage. I also noticed that last month while we were shooting at 1000 yards. I have work to do here. The other thing that I thought that I noticed was that the predominate wind seemed to be from right to left and my impact seemed to want to try to impact into the wind or to the right. Am I crazy or does anyone have a comment on that?

I am going to attach a screen shot of my third target. Most of my misses are low and all of the low shots were traveling from 20 to 40 fps slower than the hits. Although I thought my loading was pretty consistent, there is obviously work to do. All in all, I thought it was a pretty good day to shoot. WWE