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Richard Slaton

Mr. Wynne you bring up a interesting topic. I had read about the subsonic deal with shot marker before we ever shot 1K with them and I was very concerned that my short barrel might cause me a problem with this. Back in Dec when shooting the fun day 1K I shot my it’s hot summer time load which is 1/10 grain less than my cool days load. Basically worst case scenario to see if the Shotmarker would register
What would be a worst case scenario slow shot for me. 10 shots all ten registered avg. @ target Velocity 1163
So worst case I’m very border line. Fast forward July 1K match shooting again my done got hot load (same load as Dec.) @ target avg. 1284 , Aug. match same load @target avg. 1298 so hopefully @1K I’m good. I check this load week of the match Mv. Was 2730 with the 107’s so I’m dropping 14xx the @ muzzle ES 12 and SD 7 after I deleted the Crossfire shot and ran the #’s in my Excel program the @1k ES 53 and SD 16, food for thought that ES of 53 could translate to dropping an X down into the 9 ring