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Wynne Echols

Richard, I wish more of our good shooters were willing to share something about their experiences at Reese Bottom like you do each month. At least we would all know where they stand. Like it is, we can only wonder. The committee is open to both suggestions and legit criticism. Would rather hear the latter in a phone call though. I love the way you log the wear and tear on your stuff. Looks like you know it is time for a new barrel. I want to leave this here. Please understand that I have only been shooting for a short few years and there is still plenty for me to learn. As many of you are aware, over the last few years I have been one of those that has tried a lots of different things. Good, competitive shooting has to be the right combination of a lot of things from stuff, to reloading, to gun handling, but I really think that the thing that has helped me more than anything is the brass prep part of reloading. The process has taught me the meaning of .001 and that it ain’t much. That .001 shows up in a couple of places in the brass neck and also in the shoulder bump. Most of us good shooters try to get many firings out of our brass and from my experiences annealing and bumping the shoulders properly are very important. I overhear the good shooters at Reese Bottom talk about just sizing the necks and I am not real sure about that one but I do guess each to his own. On my first trip to the World Open in Williamsport years ago a fellow suggested to me to determine who is winning and find out how they do things. One of those things you never forget. Shoot Well, WWE