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My 308 started out as a new Remington 700 40X Single Shot action, Broughton 7.97 1000 Yard F-Class barrel at 9.3lbs with the FTR Chamber with .170 Freebore, a McMillan XIT stock, 30 MOA Badger base, 30MOA TPS rings lapped of course topped off with a Nightforce 12-42X56 NP-2DD Benchrest scope.

All machine work was done by Britt Jones and I always install my base, rings and scope.
For my loads I always use the Lapua Palma Brass with Varget Powder, CCI BR4 primer and a 200 grain Sierra 2231 bullet at 2600 FPS.

I don’t do a lot of load testing but I loaded two different brands of 200 grain bullets took 20 of each and shot two 20 shot groups and picked the best group of the two and that’s what I’m shooting.

I don’t have a ballistic app on my phone so I get on my PC and start digging and make up a dope chart. I have a 200 yard zero and at a 1000 yards I dial 108 quarter clicks or 27 MOA and that puts me on paper at 1000 yards. I made out my dope chart for 200 to 1200 yards and each time I shoot a match and zero I go back and write down my adjustment in my little black book.