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Wynne Echols

Please understand that my only wish for Reese Bottom is that we provide all good shooters a place where they can come and be a part of a competitive rifle match. For that to happen, Reese Bottom has to be prepared and the good shooters have to come prepared. Some of both did not happen at the match yesterday. First, I apologize to all of the good shooters that were affected by the crossed wires on target two. This was the first time that we have experienced this and I did not realize what was happening. Second, after the July match I wrote a topic above where I listed a few things that are expected of all good shooters that attend the matches at Reese Bottom. One expectation listed was asking the shooter to police themselves. There were four or five instances where this could have worked and it did not. It was mentioned before the match that if the other shooters in your relay finish shooting fifteen or twenty minutes before you finish, your might need to speed things up. This happened two or three times other than the problems caused by target two. Another issue that disappointed me was the two fellows that were signed up for the match and no showed. We are limiting the number of shooters to twenty four each match and if you are able to register here in the forum, you should be able to come to the forum and unregister or call my cell. This possibility was also addressed in the topic above. Several good shooters have been so kind to mention to me a few things that they have noticed that could help things run a little more smoothly so there will be other changes coming.

I wanted to mention to MB that if your range bag includes a hammer you might want to rethink things but then I remembered that I had actually brought 45 ‘hammers’ to the match with me.{Bart’s 105 Hammers} lol Have a good month and make plans to shoot the 19th of September. More details coming. WWE