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Wynne Echols

Monday night at 9:00 pm we have 19 shooters signed up. That leaves 5 spots open. Last month the .308 guys shot first so plans are to let the Open guys shoot first this month. We will have at least 3 relays in the Open division so if any of you FTR shooters want to wait a little later to show, please be at the match before 11:00 am. If Brad is riding with the Boykins I will put him in the last Open relay so ya’ll would need to be at the match around 10. As always everyone is welcome to be here by 8 am to get a biscuit.

As I had mentioned earlier, plans are to get the left shoulder replaced on October 1. Steve Gilley has agreed to host a steel match on the third Saturday in October. He is finalizing the details and plans to discuss the match this Saturday at our August match. Steve has been a big supporter of our matches and I ask many of you to please support the October match at his place. Should be something a little different and should be lots of fun and good shooting. He did mention that the number of shooters would be limited to 24. Steve’s place is south on Highway 43 about an hour and fifteen minutes below Linden. We will mention more about this here in the forum the closer we get to that time.

November we will let some of you volunteers host a bench rest match at Reese Bottom. Two paper targets at 300 yards and two paper targets at 500 yards. Four five shot record targets. I think this would be easiest on me so somebody make plans to step up to the plate. See ya Saturday. Five spots left. WWE