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scott parten

When you have a purpose, you pay attention (At least it helps me anyway). The best advice heard in a long time is from my mill manager, “It’s OK to be good, getting better is what matters”.
I am guilty at sometime or another of each issue we had Saturday
a) Cross-fire
b) Mis-fire from either poor reloading practice or poor rifle maintenance
c) Missed target (didn’t trust my data or wrote it down wrong)
d) Breaking someone’s concentration (not intentional but still broken)
All my responsibility, no one else did these to me. All issues easily correctable with a little patience and concentration. It’s really easy to focus on our personal goals and and at the same time hard to understand how our actions affect the goals of those around us. The problem comes when these issues repeat. That’s just being selfish.
I really appreciate a place less than an hour drive that consistently has such a diverse group of people that I can learn from.

“Don’t let me see you do something that makes sense, I have no shame getting better watching others and learning from those that I consider better than me…….”