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Wynne Echols

Friday morning thoughts. Mike Boykin has offered electricity, he still needs a fan. If you are shooting in the .308 division, please arrive on time so that we might get an early start. With that being said, if you arrive later in the morning, please do not drive too close to the firing line and please, everyone, do your coming and going from behind the line. Plans are to pay two places to the .308s with a $40 Gunny Pot. The Mechanical division will pay three places with a $50 Gunny Pot. The Open Bi Pod division will pay four places with a $70 Gunny Pot. $25 gets you in the gate and feed. Still have plenty of nice T-shirts that need a home.[$15] Safe travels to all and come expecting a fun, social, hot day. Who will wear the helmet and who will hold the trophy? 1000 Yards Baby! WWE

I am somewhat surprised that no one has asked for help. Just remember going in that if three consecutive bullets do not register on the target, the rifle will be DQed.

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