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Wynne Echols

Well, it is finally shoot week. Richard Allen called and will be shooting his 6.5 X 47 in the mechanical division. Looks like we will have a good crowd. I hope everyone comes prepared for the 1000 yards. So far, no one has mentioned needing any help with their scope dope. It has rained here everyday this week and I have gotten behind on some of my pre match chores. Maybe it will dry up some during the week. If you know of others, please remind them to register by Thursday night. I would also like to know by then if you plan to not attend. I assume that Gilley and Williams “Open” is the mechanical division and not the open bi pod. Correct me if I am wrong. Now is the time to make special request. Please do not spring any surprises on me the morning of the shoot. We will need some help pulling this off so plan to help where needed. Should be a fun and interesting day. Any questions or comments, please post them here. I’m looking even when I am not posting. WWE