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Wynne Echols

John, it was nice meeting you at Reese Bottom and we look forward to your return. Thanks for heating the dogs. My two cents and it is probably not even worth that. F-T-R is .223 or .308 only shot from a bi-pod and a rear bag. Build a legal rifle so that if you choose to shoot a sanctioned match, you can do so. Rifle with bolt, bi-pod, and scope must weigh less than 18.2 lbs. No reason to build a rifle not capable of shooting to a 1000 yards. Same cost I would think. I’m thinking a .308 is a short action cartridge. I have been shooting a .223 built around a Remington action that has to be eighty years old, so they can be made to work. The bolt has been bushed and a different extractor added but that would not be necessary to begin with. I’m with Brett on the heavier bullets. Match your barrel twist to the range of bullet weights and you will be fine. Stay away from the lighter range of bullets as we have seen even the 168 gn. go to tumbling at 1000 yards. There are several very good .308 rifles that shoot at Reese Bottom so maybe some of there owners will chime in. Good Luck, WWE