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Wynne Echols

I would like to remind everyone that we will have some biscuits and sausage for breakfast tomorrow morning and probably a hot dog and chips for lunch. Not going to bring coffee pot so you coffee drinkers stop by Jack’s and filler up. $25 entry fee. We will pay four places and the team with the most ‘X’s will split the ‘Gunny Pot’. I intend for the Open rifle to set up on the left and shoot first so that we will be able to see from the odd and even scores who did what. Teams do not have to alternate sight in shots and if one gets on target before the other that is no problem. Once we get the ‘Begin Record’ button pushed for the record score, then the good shooters will be expected to alternate shots. Like I said earlier, do not fret over this, we will make it work. Should be interesting and fun at the same time. See everyone about 8:00 am tomorrow. WWE