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Wynne Echols

Well, let’s officially declare it shoot week. Seems like it has been forever. On Saturday May 16, 2020 Reese Bottom will hold a 600 yard bench rest match. The match will be four/five shot targets all shot at 600 yards and the targets will be measured and scored for all three divisions by the Shotmarker E-target system. Please pre register by 7:00 pm this Thursday night. I do not foresee a large crowd so we will plan to take our time and also it might be a good time to maybe shoot two different rifles. Just make me aware. We will serve breakfast and lunch so make plans to come and enjoy a day at the range. When a shooter goes to the line, I plan for them to shoot all four targets in one sitting. I will arrange things so that each division will shoot within the same relay or two. You will not have to shoot your rifle say three hours after your opposition. That will speed things up a little. Any questions, give me a call. 334-654-2462. WWE