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Wynne Echols

Continued. We are limited here too. With growth comes growing pains and opportunities to learn and make changes. Again about time. For some reason, I have always put pressure on myself to get her done. Not sure why! Saturday, with the lunch break we took roughly six hours or say to 3:00 pm. If everyone that attends will agree to not let time be an issue, then we can do things a little differently and add a little time to the matches. I love Ron’s suggestion to set up relays one and two, etc. Not so sure about just having four mats at a time though. In my opinion, an empty space or a mat void the shooter would occupy the same space and could be handled in a way that there would be separation between the good shooters. Yesterday caught my eye that we have several large shooters and several really like to get side ways to the mat. The hill at 500 yards really limits the useable width of the range, esp. toward the right side of the firing line. Some of the space issue is caused by the second bench. Yesterday, I was selfishly guilty of cramping the line with my mat by trying to avoid an uneven expansion joint in the concrete. Thanks again for mentioning this and I pledge to see that things get better in these regards. If there are other comments that might improve our match experience, chime in. WWE

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