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Wynne Echols

All comments to the above are welcomed. If anyone would like to speak with me in private, my cell number is 334-654-2462. Call me Alabama. lol

The first match of 2020 will be on Saturday February 15, 2020. This will be a 20 shot for record match shot from the benches. Four/five shot targets all at 600 yards using the Shotmarker scoring system. Three divisions, F Open, FTR, and mechanical front rest. Both the F-Open and FTR divisions will shoot for score only but at the smaller targets. The shooter will be able to view the tablet the whole time. We will remove the tablet during the record fire for the mechanical division. This is a little different so bare with us. The order of fire will include and 10 minute sight in period before the first target then a two minute count down sight in period and go right into record fire for first target. Target 2, 3, and 4 will all have a two minute count down and go straight to record fire. Each shooter will go to the bench twice and shoot two targets each trip.

Plans now are to hold a Mid Range Prone Match at 600 yards in March.

This should give you good shooters something to plan on. WWE