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Richard Slaton

I fully agree I rather deal with virtual X than try to aim at a target that the good shooter’s of Reese Bottom “done shot the center out of”
Sat I was either lucky or prepaid my brought Drop pretty well matched what we came up with Sat. my Chronograph said I was @2725 Mr. Wynne’s said 2730 (I had added .1 gr. For 50 degs.) my 300 and 600 drop matched up and all figured I need to come up 36.30 @1K -3MOA offset puts me @31.25 which I dialed in I think I added 1 click right windage. Which put me pretty dang close 9,10,8, dropped 1 click X,X,9,X 9,9,10
Looking at my group it was centered a little high I think dropping 2 more clicks would have put me center/center that would have put my off set @ 3.5 to 3.75 if I did the math right. Brett said his was closer to 2.5. have not hear anyone else say what theirs were. I think with time we will learn all the if’s and ‘s and but’s of the Shot Marker. Bottom line NO MORE PIT DUTLY and we shooting @1K
Merry Christmas