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Wynne Echols

Richard, if you would so kindly allow me to comment on your picture above, I would like to bring something to all good shooters attention. If you think back to yesterday, most good shooters were asked to take their known dope at 1000 yards and lessen by approximately three moa to get close to the virtual X. Now lets explain the three moa difference. The sensors on the four corners of the target stand create an approximate six foot square(that is represented in your above photo by the solid gray line). We then took both the vertical and horizontal lengths and converted inches to millimeters and entered those numbers into the Shotmarker program to create the target frame virtual X. Now look back at your photo and notice that the grids(or actual target) are offset somewhat below the solid gray frame. This is basically 1 moa low accomplished by adding 250 mm(1 moa @ 1000 yards = 10 inches = 250mm) to the vertical(y) axis in the Shotmarker program. In other words we changed the location of the virtual X. We accomplish the other two moa simply by raising the actual target approximately twenty inches above center. Most all bullets pass below the actual target(only six holes in target yesterday). That should allow use of the targets for an extended time and I am sure that you noticed that the sight picture is extremely close to the ground, esp from the prone position so we are also able to raise the sight picture. Prone shooters at 1000 yards are pretty much going to be looking just above the dirt at 500 yards and again at approximately 800 yards. The good shooters must make mirage your friend or else. Go have a palm reader explain all this. WWE

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