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Michael Claunch

A lot of improvements have been made at Reese Bottom this year. E targets at 600 yards and now 1000 yards, the new Shed, and the rock driveway at the top of the list. Thanks Wynne! Most of you did not know that the target you saw at 1000 was a printed target and weatherproof. One side has the F class 600 target and the backside has the IBR 600 yard target on it. I saw a few new “faces” Saturday and hope they come back.
I think everyone saw that Wynne was willing to help some get on paper with the LabRadar unit he brought and taking time to let some check their 100 yard zero. With the known velocity at the muzzle, type and weight of bullet and good 100 yard zero these computer programs and apps will get you on paper downrange.
Looking forward to next year.