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Wynne Echols

Not sure where this is taking us, but I am sure something can be learned. First off, a couple of weeks ago I tested a load of H 4895 for the first time trying to get the muzzle velocity up to 2925 fps. After a short ladder test we determined that 30.9 gn of the H4895 generated approx 2925 fps. I loaded up 5 and shot them on paper at 300 yards, no crony info and the five were the size of a dime. Friday the weather app said that Saturday was to be several degrees colder than the day that I had shot the group so I added another .1 gn which was 31.0 gn H 4895.

Here are the results:

Target 1: size 3.00, avg. vel. 1830 fps, SD 8.1
Target 2: size 3.50, avg. vel. 1840 fps, SD 9.0
Target 3: size 3.15 avg. vel. 1859 fps, SD 5.4
Target 4: size 3.98 avg. vel. 1854 fps, SD 4.2

I had tried to pay a lot of attention to how these 20 rounds were loaded and looking at the SD I think it paid off. Target 1 & 2 were shot probably 2+ hours before targets 3 & 4 and we know that the temperature rose quite a few degrees during that time so I think we see some temperature sensitivity in the powder. If SD indicates the node, I think we also see that the rifle liked being shot a little faster. The group had much more wind influence than vertical which leads me to believe that the shooter shot too slow allowing the condition to ‘take him to the cleaners’. Reese Bottom has no business being so difficult on the poor, old, blind, achy, stove up, no count shooter. WWE

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