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Richard Slaton

Well the Haints or aliens of Reese Bottom were out in full force Sat. morning and they struck me on my 1st. shot!
I’m thinking like others it’s cold probably going to shoot low. So I added 1 chick up from my normal 600 E-target scope dope of 12 before I shot my 1st. sighter. On the command the line is hot I shot. The Shot marker scored it a zero but did not show the hit (this ant good) luckily Mr. Wynne was close by and zoomed the screen out which now showed the hit as high outside the rings. About that time one of them Aliens whispered in my ear down 1 and half MOA which I did and which put me almost off the paper low! Not a good start and yes I ending up using my normal 12 after it was all said and done.
To be honest for this the last match of the year my only goal was to set back and enjoy the match and friends I have meet at Reese Bottom.
I did plan to try a few things . 1st. was to shoot faster after I chamber the round and not let it heat up which I think is adding to my SD being all over the chart. Not sure how much it helped but my SD was lower than before. I’m still trying different ways that I address the gun as for as body alignment and grip.
Interesting facts of the match
Last couple of BR match I have shoot for me good groups but my scores knock me down in the results
This month my groups were awful but my scores keep me in the money. On a positive note one of the good shooters at Reese bottom told me the only reason I shot bad was because of the wind which made me feel better LOL
Short match report this month but I did add comments on the data @ 600 thread and I plan to do a end of year summary (sometime)
Look forward to the Range day @1k next month