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Wynne Echols

Crossed paths with Don Lewis this morning at Reese Bottom. He was telling me that Doug Pugh has been helping him tighten up the old .308. I have decided on a load for the new Brux barrel on the .223. The barrel is a 1 X 6.5 twist 30″ long 1.25″ straight. It is a hulk of stainless but seems to set up well. Settled on lapua brass, 24.5 gn Varget, wolf primers and 90 gn Sierra’s jumped .010 from what I have determined to be the land. I ran a mandrel in the case mouth of the new brass and the neck tension lessoned quite a bit. The tight necks were running right at 2800 fps but this morning the thing shot well at 2770 fps. From everything you read, there is a node, maybe two, above this but they are ruff on the brass. I am a lobber anyway.

Couple of things to plan for. If the temps stay as they are, it will be hot, so plan to stay hydrated. The new concrete pad is rough on the elbows so either plan to keep them on the mat or bring a towel or door mat or something to cushion the elbows.

If you talk to anyone that is planning to shoot, please remind them that I am asking all good shooters to register. Hope to see you Saturday. WWE