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Wynne Echols

Michael Claunch and I spent the morning shooting at Reese Bottom. We determined that the new shed creates shade but it is not an air conditioner. I was trying to work up a load for the new Brux 6.5 twist 30″, 1.25″ straight .223 barrel. The first lesson learned was that at no time will scales be allowed at Reese Bottom. Probably would take a rasp and cutting torch to make legal weight. Anyway it has been approved to shoot by the Reese Bottom board of directors. This will be the first prone match on the new concrete pad. A couple of things that I did notice. The pad is pretty level so the front rest is going to have to produce some tilt. I actually put some rubber pads under the rest this morning and it worked okay. I would also try to bring something to cushion the blow when the brass is ejected. The concrete will have a tendency to ding the brass. And if you are like me and shoot with everything forward of the mat you might think about something to cushion your elbows. The concrete really allows for a very solid set up. Please help me get word to everyone that I am asking all shooters to register by Thursday the 15th at 7 pm. Looking forward to seeing many of you good shooters on the 17th. WWE