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Wynne Echols

Well, you cannot claim that I did not warn you. Now that is what I call a registration. We have 14 good shooters signed up 12 days before the match. Should be a good one. Please help spread the word as there are several spots left. You all know that this will be our first attempt at shooting a bench rest match and letting the Shotmarker system both score and size the groups for each record target. I am going to attach a photo of the screen that the shooter will create. This was done with the system using the shot simulator. Unless something changes we will probably leave it set up as you see it. Click the photo to enlarge and see what you think. I will be glad to try to answer any questions. If anyone wishes to screen shot their target they can do so before we save[which clears] the target. The photo is of the systems virtual IBS 600 yard target. Plans are to attach IBS 600 yard paper targets over the fclass targets that we have been using so the scope dope should be the same or close.

Because this will be bench rest, I do not think it fair to sit there and look at the tablet, you should be shooting. So, plans are to place the tablet on the bench during the sighter period and when the count down is over, have someone standing there to make sure and hit the button for “record” and take the tablet away while the shooter fires their five for record. Then sit the tablet back on the bench for the good shooter to admire[or curse] Once every shooter in the relay is finished, while the crew is accumulating the scores, groups, and X’s the shooter can screen shot the target. By that time we should be ready to save and clear that relay’s targets and get ready to do it again. After the second target we will change shooters and get ready to do it all over again. My hope is that we can move this match along at a decent pace but please understand that this is all new so come and plan to stay.[and be patient] WWE