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Wynne Echols

I had a good conversation with Adam the Shotmarker guy this morning about a few questions that I had from Saturday. One of the concerns that I had from Saturday was the glare on the tablet screen for the scorer. He said that what most are doing is let the shooter have the tablet to align as best suits him and to ask the scorer to get out of the way and log on with their smart device and score from afar. So for those willing please try to download the chrome app to your device and we will try to make that work, or we can continue to do as we did Saturday. Thanks again to all of you good shooters for making this work as well as it did. You might even notice a few changes at Reese Bottom in the near future. If things go as planned, we plan to take 24 good shooters for the mid range prone match on Saturday May 18, 2019. Not for sure just yet but I will have more to say around the first of the month. WWE

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