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Wynne Echols

A big thank you to the seventeen good shooters that volunteered to be the first ever e-targeters. All in all I think that things went better than I gave them credit. We noticed a few glitches but nothing major. Daryl White reminded me today that we have been shooting now for parts of eight years and I must say that I have never ever seen conditions like the ones today. Several of the good shooters shot well and are to be commended for their effort. I would think the gust were easily 15 to 20 mph on top of the 500 yard hill and the direction was switchy. I am having trouble with the score spreadsheet and will get the son in law to fix it for me tomorrow and hopefully have pictures and results by tomorrow night. Thanks again for those that came and shot or spectated and for putting up with my impatient self. Having only the three targets limits things somewhat and I just want to see it work well for everyone. Thanks, WWE

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