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Wynne Echols

Well, we have finally arrived at match week. As of Sunday night, April 14th at about 9 pm, we unfortunately only have thirteen commitments for the eighteen available slots. Plans are to close out registration by Wednesday night April 17th at 7 pm. If at that time we have less than eighteen, plans are to bump things back to fifteen. After that time we will not take anymore shooters unless we can be guaranteed three more shooters making the eighteen. The match will be a 3 X 20 X 600 mid range prone match shot with the e-targets. Don’t forget we are planning to provide a b-b-q lunch after the second relay. Anyone planning to be there for lunch, but not shooting, please make me aware so that we can have plenty of food and drinks. We sure were hoping for the eighteen shooters so that we can create a time frame for future matches. If any of you know anyone sitting on the fence, please encourage them to register by Wednesday night. WWE