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Richard Slaton

Mr. Wynne
Let me 1st. say “I” because of what and how I shoot my time from shot to next shot probably take longer that just about anybody basically from shot to shot I have to re set up find the berm and the “right target” the only time I felt rushed was my very 1st. match at R B mainly because I was inexperienced experimenting with rest both front and back and really never got comfortable. Now each match I fill I’m getting smoother and time is not a big factor.
Sighter plate time this weekend because I miss the 500 plate twice I shot a total of 10 sighter shots (5 of those correcting that miss)10 total sighters is about 2 or 3 more than normal for a match even with the miss cue I didn’t feel rushed. From what I’ve seen I normally take as few sighter as anyone so I may not be the beat to answer this question
When I shoot handgun Silhouette we have a 30sec. prep time then 2 mins. to fire 5 shots
and time is never a problem. I do use a timer because it helps me slow down and pace my self. at the 1/2 MOA shoot in Selma 20 fire 20 shots again I use the timer to help me pace myself. for some reason using a time has never worked out at Reese Bottom