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Michael Claunch

Did I feel rushed? Sometimes, When I shot competitively in the 80’s we shot both rapid fire and slow fire. Rapid fire strings of 10 shots in 60 seconds were started from the standing position and you went down to either a prone or sitting position. Prone rapid at 300 and sitting rapid at 200. You were strapped in tight with a sling so recovering if you had a good natural point of aim was not a problem. Slow fire at 600 yards, 20 rounds in 20 minutes. You did fire at a fast rate if conditions allowed, if the wind varied you had a little time to wait it out. Even though we used the military iron sights to shoot, we had a spotting scope to score and check the mirage with. We also entered each shot in our individual score books between shots. All our targets were pulled in the pits and scored, so you had a little time to score, check mirage and get back in position when the targets came back up. At 30 seconds a shot, there is not a lot of time to reposition after each shot, check mirage, etc. Electronic targets will speed up recovery time.