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Wynne Echols

Richard, I talked with Adam, the Shotmarker guy, at the shot show and asked him the same question. His answer was yes it will measure group sizes, but!! He said that several match directors of sanctioned matches said that they did not trust his measurements. He admitted that his measurement could be a couple of millimeters off. I suggest that we feel our way into this but I can see us making it work or at least giving it a chance to work. Some things we know: Reese Bottom is not sanctioned, no world record will ever be recorded there, and our present method of measuring targets is not an exact science. He did assure me that the system would measure shooter 1 and shooter 2’s targets with the same accuracy. I think from what I know of our shooters the group sizes at 1000 yards might not be that similar but we will have to see. Anyway, I think that I can foresee 1000 yard shooting being at least mid to late summer. I would suggest that anyone interested visit the and read more about the system. At this time I know very little. WWE